About DeckGuru

Reliable Deck Restoration Experts

DeckGuru was the brainchild of Fred Small, Jr. in response to a customer need within his successful company, Sunburst Construction. For the past 25 years, Sunburst Construction has been the region’s leader in designing and creating dynamic outdoor living spaces. They build decks from scratch, stone pathways, rock walls, fountains, waterfalls, swimming pools, you name it. 

DeckGuru was tasked with the important mission of serving the everyday homeowner. Most people are not looking to fund a $10,000 remodel project, but simply want to be able to enjoy the outdoors with their family again. 

Deck Restoration and Repairs

Many homes in Virginia and Maryland have absolutely gorgeous interiors, full of practical and eye-catching spaces for entertainment, relaxation, and work. But who says high-quality design has to stop at the back door? For years, DeckGuru has been helping homeowners bring that same level of beauty and functionality to all of their outdoor living areas. Our deck restoration helps local families throughout Northern Virginia, and Frederick, MD enjoy every square foot of their home!

A Superior Deck Restoration Process

Over the years, we at DeckGuru have perfected the art of deck restoration. While most companies cut corners to increase profit margins, we never do! In fact, for a similarly affordable price, we’re able to provide a longer-lasting and more weather-resistant deck restoration.

Wooden Deck Restoration

In its years of service since its inception, DeckGuru has been helping people transform their decks into an entertainment space worth experiencing again. DeckGuru always ensures personal and friendly service to maximize customer satisfaction. If anything were to go wrong, something as trivial as warranty lengths will never keep us from helping our customers. We will always be there to help you determine the best solution for your specific wants and needs. Many other companies will tell you that you need to completely replace your deck, but with DeckGuru we will use everything you already have to save you money. DeckGuru provides everything from deck resurfacing, extreme deck makeovers, fencing, deck undercover, deck staining and exterior house painting. We expertly handle the likes of mildew, warping, splintering, cracking, nail popping, sun damage and fading found on your deck. Call or schedule an appointment online for a stress free estimate on your outdoor living space! 

Let's See What We Can Do

If you are ready to refurbish your deck and make it look brand new again, contact DeckGuru today for a free estimate. 

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