Deck Replacement in Northern VA

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Each of our technicians are trained, and have years of deck building and deck maintaining experience. They will perform professional, high-quality work.
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Replace, Don't Rebuild

If your existing deck is old, shabby, and a maintenance nightmare, you don’t have to tear it all down and start over. Chances are that the structural parts are still in good shape. If so, you can simply remodel it with new decking, rails, and stairs, saving tons of money over the cost of a complete rebuild.

Professional Deck Replacement Virginia - Replace Deck
Wooden Deck Replacement Virginia

A Sound Structure

The number one thing we check before deciding to reuse the deck framework is whether the deck footings, posts and joists are structurally sound. Here are the main things you should examine when making the decision. We look at many things from the footings, to the wood condition to structural integrity to ensure your foundation is solid.

Solid Installation

Our next step is in the replacement is to remove the existing railings and decking. Once everything has been removed we start installing the new decking and new rails. Once we have it all replaced we will apply 2 coats of color-enhanced sealant. 

Wooden Deck Restoration Virginia
composite decking materials

WHY composite?

If you choose to replace your deck with DeckGuru, we use Trex composite decking materials. There are many different benefits to composite decking over wood, including its low maintenance upkeep and durability. Composite decking also comes in a variety of colors and finishes so you can build an outdoor area that you love!

There is a reason we think it’s the best deck replacement material around! 

an overview

Professional Deck Replacement Virginia - Replace Deck

Replace Old Decking with New Kiln Dried Wood Decking

Wooden Deck Restoration Virginia

Replace Old Rail with New Rail

Wooden Deck Replacement Virginia

Apply 2 Coats of Color Enhanced Sealer