Bring Your Deck Back to Life With Our Deck Restoration

Before replacing your deck, consider getting a professional restoration. Restore your weathered deck and have it looking brand new with our innovative process!

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"Each of our technicians are certified, trained, and have years of deck building and deck maintaining experience. They will perform professional, high-quality work."

Better Than New

Our multi-step process will ensure that you will no longer need to worry about cracked, warped boards or unsafe structures. We will start off by replacing rotted wood with durable composite decking and securing any loose connections.

Restore a Wood Deck
Wooden Deck Restoration Virginia and Maryland

Fresh Beginnings

To prepare for the new coatings of sealant, we will sand down every horizontal surface. We will also reset or replace loose nails or screws from the decking with 3-inch screws, giving the deck extra stability.

A Beautiful Finish

After the structure has been completely secured, we sand again to give a completely smooth surface before painting. We apply two coats of our color enhanced sealer in the colors of your choice. The multiple coats will ensure an even finish.

Restoring a Wood Deck

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Restore a Wood Deck

Replace Rotten Wood with New Durable Composite Decking

Wooden Deck Restoration Virginia and Maryland

Reset or Replace Nails with Screws

Restoring a Wood Deck

Apply 2 Coats of Color Enhanced Sealer