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Having a deck in your backyard gives you extra space for entertaining and creates a convenient place to spend more time in the great outdoors. However, over the years, after exposure to the elements, it’s normal for your deck to start looking weathered. When that happens, trust the DeckGuru team for all your deck services. 

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Deck Services

As our name suggests, our team can do it all when it comes to restoring your old, outdated deck. When you hire our team, you can choose from the following deck services: 

Regardless of the state of your current deck, our team has the knowledge and expertise to develop a renovation plan that best fits your needs. 

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Signs Your Deck Needs to Be Repaired

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine whether your deck is showing normal signs of wear and tear or if there are more serious issues present. To help you get a better idea about the state of your deck, here are some signs to look for:

  • Your boards are cracked or splintered
  • Your railings are loose or showing signs of deterioration
  • You notice erosion around the posts and footings of your deck
  • The beams and posts are starting to show signs of rot
  • Nails and metal connectors are starting to rust
  • Your deck footings feel unstable

If you notice any of these signs when looking around your deck, don’t hesitate to contact our team to schedule an inspection. 

Should You DIY Your Deck Restoration or Hire a Professional?

Once you notice that your deck is starting to look worn down, you might be tempted to restore it yourself. However, taking a DIY approach is usually not a good idea. Unless you have construction experience, attempting to fix your deck by yourself is risky in terms of both injury to yourself and damage to your deck. 

In fact, most of the homeowners we worked with who originally attempted a DIY project first, realize that they spent more time and money than they would have if they had called the DeckGuru team for help from the beginning. 

Benefits of Restoring Your Deck

Renovating your deck is a home improvement project that pays off almost immediately. When you hire our team to restore your old deck, here are a few of the ways you can benefit from an upgraded deck:

  • Adds Home Value: Homes with high-quality outdoor living spaces can fetch more money from potential buyers, which is important to keep in mind if you plan to sell in the near future. 
  • Keeps Your Family Safe: When your deck is left alone for too long, it can become a safety hazard. Restoring your deck can give you peace of mind that your family will be safe when outside. 
  • Improves Your Space: A neglected deck can be an eyesore in your backyard. By restoring it, you can improve the whole look of your outdoor space for a more aesthetically pleasing yard.

Why Choose DeckGuru for Your Deck Services?

When you’re ready to transform your outdated deck, don’t settle for less than the best. Over the years, our team has perfected the art of deck restoration services to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible. 

When you hire our team, you’ll always be greeted with friendly service and we won’t consider our job complete until you’re completely happy with the work we’ve done. To learn more about how we can help you, call us at 866-814-8188 or contact us online

Schedule Your Deck Services

Whether you want to start with a deck inspection, you’re ready to tackle a full restoration project, or anything in between, our team is here for you. Don’t wait any longer to get your decking project on the books!

Deck Services FAQs

Do you offer a warranty on your deck services?

Yes! The products we use come with strong manufacturer warranties and we also offer a 1-year labor warranty on our workmanship so you can feel confident that your investment is protected. 

How long does a deck restoration usually take?

It depends on the specifics of your project, like the size of your deck and the scope of the restoration. However, in many cases, we are able to complete deck restoration projects in as little as just a few days.

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