Trex Decking Colors

Trex Color Options for decks, with an example of black, white, and brown

Has your deck seen better days? If you’re ready to upgrade it, we recommend installing a high-quality and durable Trex composite deck. One of the first steps in the deck replacement process is to think about how you want your upgraded backyard to look. Fortunately, there are several Trex decking colors available to you. 

Below, you’ll learn more about Trex’s color options along with tips on how to choose the perfect hue for your deck upgrade. When you’re ready to get one step closer to the renovated deck of your dreams, DeckGuru is here for you. To talk with our deck restoration experts or request a free estimate, please don’t hesitate to call us at 571-707-8772 or contact us online today. 

Available Trex Decking Colors

One of the many reasons we recommend Trex composite decking to our customers is because of the numerous design options available. Here are all of the Trex colors from which you can choose: 

  • Beach Dune, a classic light brown that goes with almost anything
  • Biscayne, a light sandy and honey shade of brown
  • Carmel, a creamy shade of taupe that features a blend of grey and brown undertones
  • Clam Shell, a classic medium shade of grey
  • Coastal Bluff, a beautiful shade of neutral brown that’s accented with hints of dark brown 
  • Foggy Wharf, a neutral gray with shades of silver
  • Havana Gold, a perfect blend of warm honey and caramel hues
  • Island Mist, a blend of cool silver tones
  • Jasper, a rich and classic dark brown
  • Lava Rock, a reddish-black shade that mimics the look of natural redwood
  • Ocracoke, a sandy brown hue that’s inspired by nature
  • Pebble Grey, a light gray with a beautiful wood grain pattern
  • Rainier, a subtly silver hue that’s inspired by snow-capped mountains
  • Rocky Harbor, a slate gray hue with sandy brown undertones
  • Rope Swing, a sandy, pale taupe that is the perfect shade of beige
  • Saddle, a beautiful medium brown that features a classic wood grain pattern
  • Spiced Rum, a burnt umber hue that features hints of black onyx
  • Tiki Torch, a light brown, nature-inspired hue that has hints of ginger and nutmeg
  • Toasted Sand, a brown hue reminiscent of seashells with hints of dark brown
  • Whidbey, a foggy gray shade with a light brown undertone
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How to Choose the Right Color for Your Trex Deck

As you can see, there are plenty of beautiful Trex decking colors available to you. Here are a few tips for choosing a shade that you’ll love for years after your deck restoration.

Consider the Color and Style of Your House

The key to a cohesive outdoor living design is choosing a deck color that complements the rest of your home’s exterior. You want to choose a color that makes it look like your deck has always been part of your home’s design, rather than an afterthought. 

For example, if you have warm, tan siding, you probably wouldn’t want to choose a cool gray shade for your deck. Instead, a warm brown color like Saddle or even a reddish hue like Lava Rock would best complement your home. 

You should also consider the architectural style of your home. Certain colors pair best with different styles, so keep that in mind when making your decision. 

Don’t Forget About Your Landscaping

When choosing a complementary deck color, don’t just consider your siding. You’ll also want to think about your landscaping and the outdoor furniture you will have on the deck. 

If you have a vibrant backyard with a lot of different plants and colors, choosing a neutral gray or brown deck will allow your landscaping to shine without clashing. You’ll also want your outdoor furniture to pair nicely with your deck color for a more cohesive look. 

Decide on Dark vs Light

A dark deck will have a completely different look and feel compared to a lighter shade. We recommend looking at deck design ideas for inspiration to see if you’re more drawn to dark or light hues. 

Generally, a lighter deck will make your outdoor area look bigger, while darker hues will make more of a statement, both of which can look great depending on the look you want. 

Revitalize Your Deck with Trex Composite Decking

Choosing Trex composite decking for your deck replacement is one of the best things you can do to get more use out of your backyard. No matter which Trex decking colors appeal most to you, our experts at DeckGuru are here to bring your ideas to life. To get one step closer to an upgraded deck, please call 571-707-8772 or contact us online.

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