Deck Repair in Frederick, Maryland

Many homes in Frederick, Maryland have absolutely gorgeous interiors, full of practical and eye-catching spaces for entertainment, relaxation, and work. But who says the high-quality design has to stop at the back door? Since 1945, DeckGuru has been helping homeowners bring that same level of beauty and functionality to all of their outdoor living areas. Our deck repair and restoration allows families throughout Frederick to enjoy every square foot of their home!

Deck Restoration

“My deck is beyond repair.” It’s a statement we’ve heard many times before, and we love to prove homeowners in Frederick, MD wrong by applying our impressive deck restoration services. We don’t just make your deck safe for continued use; we also restore its beauty and make it a place where you’ll once again be proud to entertain family and friends.

Deck Repairs

Even if your deck is falling apart, our deck repair company is up for the challenge. Whether you just have a few loose boards or your deck is on its last legs, we can repair your deck and make it beautiful again! If possible, we will make repairs to your existing deck boards. If the boards are rotted or otherwise beyond repair, we will replace them with specially-treated lumber that won’t warp or buckle.

Deck Maintenance

DeckGuru provides a set-it-and-forget solution to maintain decking and ensure your decks will last for years. Our routine maintenance service in Frederick will prevent damage by identifying any issues with your deck before they become a more expensive problem. Our service allows you to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space without having to devote your weekends to maintenance.

Deck Refinishing

Over time, a deck can become stained, cracked, and suffer broken boards and other issues that can make it an unusable eyesore. You could tear it down and build another, but we have a better solution! DeckGuru can restore your deck in Frederick and make it look as good as new. Our deck refinishing and other processes can transform even badly damaged decks—and you won’t have to endure the hassle of starting from scratch.

Deck Staining

When you need deck staining services in Frederick, Maryland, call the company that goes beyond just applying a fresh color. DeckGuru helps to restore the integrity of your deck and assists in preventing future problems with our innovative solutions. Our patented coating system also strengthens and protects your deck from mold, insects, and more.