When to Start Your Home Deck Repair in Ashburn, VA

When to repair your deck in Ashburn, VA with DeckGuru

Picture this: it’s a beautiful day in Ashburn, VA, and you’re planning to spend some time out on your back deck after a long day of work. There’s only one problem. Your deck is starting to degrade and you’re not sure if it’s safe to use. That puts quite a damper on your evening plans! So, how do you know when the damage is bad enough to warrant repairs? Below, we’ve outlined the most common signs that indicate that it’s time to repair your deck. 

If you notice any of these issues on your own deck, please don’t hesitate to call us at 571-707-8772 or contact us online

Your Boards Are Cracked or Splintered

One of the most obvious signs that your deck needs to be repaired is when you notice damage to the boards. Wooden decks will start to crack or splinter over time, because of exposure to the elements. While small cracks aren’t usually a huge cause for concern, it’s only a matter of time before they get more serious. 

In that case, hire an experienced deck repair company to come to inspect the state of the boards and repair them as necessary. 

There Is Erosion Around the Posts and Footings

Unfortunately, even the most secure deck is susceptible to erosion over time. That’s because rainwater and melted snow will eventually wash away the soil that supports the posts and footings of your deck. When this happens, it can affect the stability of your whole deck, as it can shift within the loose soil. 

If you notice that the slope of your yard is changing, or you see pools of water in your yard when it rains, these are signs that the ground is shifting and you should schedule a professional deck inspection

There Are Signs of Insect Damage

If you have a wooden deck, your structure is prone to damage from pests like termites, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees. If you notice areas on your deck that look like termite damage or your deck sounds hollow in some areas, you may have an infestation in the structure. 

If you want to be sure, have our experts come to your home and inspect the area. If you do indeed have pest damage, we can help you repair the damaged boards. You’ll also want to work with a pest control expert to help prevent future infestations. 

The Railings Have Become Loose

Your deck railings help keep your friends and family members safe when they’re spending time out on your deck. If your railing is wobbly or loose, it could be a sign that there are loose bolts or screws in the structure. 

Don’t risk an unnecessary injury. Instead, work with a deck repair expert like DeckGuru to determine the cause of the railing issues and develop a repair plan to help keep your loved ones safe. 

There Are Signs of Wood Rot

One of the many reasons we prefer to use composite decking materials is because it’s more durable compared to wood. Wooden decks are susceptible to wood rot, which is a microscopic fungus that breaks down the material over time. 

If you ignore the signs of wood rot for too long, you run the risk of serious structural damage, and eventually, your deck could collapse. To help avoid that, call in the help of a deck contractor at the first sign of rot. Our installers here at DeckGuru know how to identify wood rot and replace the affected areas so you can safely use your deck going forward. 

The Fixtures and Fittings Are Rusted

When you’re checking your deck for any of these issues, don’t forget to look underneath it to examine the fixtures and fittings. Over time, it’s normal for them to rust or otherwise degrade, which can weaken them. 

When that happens, your deck is no longer structurally stable and it is unsafe to use. Fortunately, our experts here at DeckGuru can replace any rusted or broken fittings as needed to ensure that you can safely use your deck. 

Trust DeckGuru to Repair Your Deck

If you inspect your deck and notice any of the signs we’ve outlined above, don’t hesitate to call in the help of an expert. Here at DeckGuru, we specialize in deck repairs, restorations, and upgrades, helping homeowners in Ashburn, VA, and surrounding areas revitalize their outdoor living areas. When you’re ready to repair your deck so you can safely use it again, please call 571-707-8772 or contact us online.

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