Winter Deck Building

Winter Deck Construction

Over the years one of the biggest questions we get asked is: “what do you do in wintertime?” To which to which the answer is simple. We build decks. Here at DeckGuru we have the philosophy that building decks in winter is a great idea and we have been doing it for years. Despite the possible challenges, building decks in the winter has some advantages for us, as well as you the customer.

One major advantage we as a company have, is we can specialize in one thing- restoring, resurfacing, and rebuilding decks. At the same time, we retain our trained employees’ year in and year out. If we were to do other types of work in winter, we would need to train our team in different types of work. This would prohibitive and our team would not be specialized in the arena of restoring, resurfacing, and rebuilding decks. Being able to provide our employees steady work all year is a huge blessing and enables us to keep experienced craftsmen on all our crews.

A few advantages for our customers are that you will see less of an impact on your day to day life. Typically, children and pets spend less time playing outside in the winter months, so redoing your deck is less obtrusive this time of year. A great benefit is that your deck will be ready to go on the very first sunny, warm day of spring. Another benefit to our customers is that workload is typically lighter in the winter months, so we would be able to get to your project quicker than possibly we would in the spring/summer months.

There are two questions we typically get asked about winter deck building. The first is: “how do you dig holes when the ground is frozen?” The second is: “how do you pour concrete for footings when it is that cold and the ground is frozen?” We use special equipment that has plenty of power to get through the frost layer. The great thing is that once you get down 3’ below the grade, the dirt is actually warmer than the surface temperature.

The great news for our customers is we are here and available to resurface, restore, or rebuild your deck for you. Give us a call to come take a look and review your options.

Over the years one of the biggest questions we get asked is: “what do you do in wintertime?” To which to which the answer is simple. We build decks.
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