6 Signs You Need Deck Repair6 Signs You Need Deck Repair

6 Signs You Need Deck Repair

Your deck is one of the most sturdy and functional parts of your home. With proper maintenance, your deck can last for 10 – 15 years.  However, with the daily wear and tear and the changing weather conditions, your deck may become weak and may put your family’s safety in danger. Regularly checking your deck will help you see early signs for deck repair.

Here are the six most common signs that your deck is not in good shape and needs repair.

Rotten posts and beams
If your deck is rotting, then there is no doubt that it needs immediate attention and repair. If you leave the rot unattended, it can damage even the structure of your home. Typically, your deck should be built on a concrete footing. However, some older decks are built directly on the ground, which may increase the chance of rot formation. If you notice that your deck is rotting away, refrain from using it while the posts and beams are not repaired or replaced.

Worn-out footings
The footings help strengthen the foundation of your deck. The deck footings must be built on solid ground to make the entire deck stable. However, with the changing seasons and different weather conditions, the ground may heave and drop, making your deck unstable. Make sure to look for the heaving and dropping signs when doing your regular deck inspection.

Soil erosion around the posts
Soil erosion is a common problem experienced by both wooden and concrete decks. During heavy rains or when the snow melts in winter, the water can wash away the soil that supports your deck, destabilizing it. To prevent this from happening, install a drainage system surrounding your property.

Cracks and splinters on the deck boards
Splintered and cracked deck boards are another common problem related to your deck. While it isn’t considered a significant problem, if the majority of the deck boards are cracked and splintered, it is best to call a deck repair professional. You can also protect your deck against these problems by regularly staining, sealing, and painting it.

Loosening rails
Loose railings on your deck are something that should not be ignored. It could result in your deck collapsing and put your family in danger. To check if your deck railings need repair, hold your railings and try to wiggle or lean on it a little. If the railings wobble, then it is a sign that it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Gaps between the deck and the house
The main purpose of the ledger boards is to connect the deck to your house. Any damage on the ledger board can pose a major safety hazard as you can get injured from it. It can also damage the structure of your house since rainwater can seep into the boards and in the walls of your home.

When you notice these six signs in your deck, don’t wait any longer and have a deck repair professional fix it right away. 

When you notice these six signs in your deck, don’t wait any longer and have a deck repair professional fix it right away. 
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