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deck railings

Deck railing is the unsung hero of decking. Aside from safety, railings provide a beautiful complement to the outdoor landscape and the entire home. In this article, we’ll outline the different types of Trex railings we provide at DeckGuru and describe the impact each type has on the look and feel of your home.

Wood Deck Railing

While wood railings bring safety and reliability to your deck, they maintain a traditional, natural beauty to a deck. We love that each piece has a unique pattern, coloration, and characteristics that add a natural feel to our decks and connection to our environment.

What do we recommend?

Wood can be a beautiful compliment to all homes. Wood railings can be used with many elements, but especially wood decking, composite decking or even stone! While wood railings provide a natural look, if you are interested in longevity, vinyl or composite railing might be a better option.

wood deck railing

Vinyl and Composite Deck Railing

The trademark of vinyl and composite railings is their low maintenance, durability, and variety of color options.

What do we recommend?

Vinyl and composite railings are a solid choice for any deck. They fit well with wood decks, composite decking, and even stone or tile. We recommend vinyl and composite railings to homeowners that want to upgrade to a low-maintenance solution with a clean appearance. These railings will not overshadow the vibrant composite decking beneath them. They offer an attractive complement to any deck while allowing the deck character to shine.

vinyl and composite deck railing

Metal Deck Railing

Metal railings evoke a feeling of ruggedness and sleekness.

What do we recommend?

We recommend metal railings paired with traditional wood decks or a composite deck. Natural wood or composite wood coupled with metal railings creates a unique combination of two foundational elements. These contrasting facets are perfect for completing the look of a rustic deck or providing a modern lift to a traditional wood deck or composite deck.

metal deck railing

If you’re interested in upgrading your deck railings, schedule a personal consultation with one of our deck experts today. If you want to learn more about deck repair, resurfacing, and deck restoration, subscribe to our newsletter as we continue to provide updates, tips, and share our insights. In our next blog, we’ll highlight the unseen side of decks in our first edition of Decks After Dark.

In this article, we’ll outline the different types of railings we provide at DeckGuru and describe the impact each type has on the look and feel of your home.
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