Decks After Dark

We talked about how railings can be a major enhancement to a new deck or new deck surface, but what else is there? Deck Lighting can take your deck design to the next level! There are so many aspects to consider when deciding to add lighting to your deck.

Lights add a subtle but beautiful ambiance to your outdoor space. Here are some reasons why we love deck lights and why it’s an essential detail to your deck!

decks after dark


With more families spending time at home in our current social climate, lighting is key to extended use of your deck all day and night long. Deck lighting allows the use of your deck to create an additional living and playing area – from your work from home area to a nice space to have a perfectly lit outdoor dining experience. This allows you to entertain and maximize the use of your deck almost all year round. Deck lighting allows to entertaining

Do it Now, Not Later

Thinking of waiting to add lighting to your deck until “later”? Yes, addinging lights later is doable, but that’s not what DeckGuru recommends. Adding lights at a later time could be more timely, incur additional costs, and be much more complicated that most realize. It is much easier to hide wires and plan a proper place for a transformer to hide than after deck work is completed. Planning and implementing lights during the original deck process allows for proper planning and will result in a much more integrated design.

decks after dark


To tie into the do it now and not later concept, if you are going to do lights, do them all if you can! Adding lights at a later time could cause lights to look inconsistent. Using the same lighting manufacturers and installation at the same time allows for a consistent look.


Most importantly, deck lights not only set the mood for your guests, deck lighting creates safety on your deck. Decking lighting, especially stair lighting, allows for all to safely maneuver around your deck during evening hours.

If you’re interested in upgrading to a composite deck, schedule a personal consultation with one of our deck experts today. If you want to learn more about deck repair, resurfacing, and deck restoration, subscribe to our newsletter as we continue to provide updates, tips, and share our insights. In our next blog, we will be teaching you about the DeckGuru Deck Restoration process.

Deck Lighting can take your deck design to the next level! There are so many aspects to consider when deciding to add lighting to your deck.
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