11 Ideas to Improve Your Deck in Northern VA

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According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, out of all the existing decks in North America, roughly 40% can be considered completely safe.

What does this mean for you? It simply means it’s time to get on top of the deck upgrade you’ve been considering for all these years.

Read on below for 11 simple, yet effective, ideas to give your deck the new life it’s been waiting for.

1. A Touch of Color is an Ideal Deck Upgrade

Whether you have a newly built deck or an older one in need of a bit of love and attention, color is the perfect way to shake things up.

Choosing the right colors for your deck upgrade is completely dependent on your personal preferences. A simple coat of stain, a splash of your favorite color, or even a pattern you’ve always dreamed of adding to your deck can easily bring life back to your outdoor party.

2. New Railings Make a Deck Stand Out

Deck railings offer a bit of style while also being a great safety addition.

Railings provide an older deck, a safety upgrade that keeps small children and even adults from accidental falls. According to your design, your deck railing could be an update that keeps your family protected and your time on the deck more fun.

3. Deck Awnings Offer Shade for Hot Summer Days

If you’re in the market for deck upgrade ideas, deck awnings are a great way to make your time outside more enjoyable.

There are several types of deck awnings to offer shade for hot summer days. Whether you choose a retractable or a stationary awning you and your family can spend your time outside without worrying about damage from the sun’s rays.

4. Get Creative with Your Seating

One of the most important things to remember when upgrading your deck is the reason most people use it. Gatherings with family and friends often happen out on the deck. This means seating is a must.

When it comes to seating, creativity goes a long way. Adding customized bench seats to your railings or comfortable chairs along your deck are great ways to keep your deck active and stylish.

5. Choose the Right Lighting

Outside lighting can make or break a setting. If you hope to use your deck upgrade for entertaining or romance, you must choose the best lights possible.

Torches, lanterns, and even solar lights can be great ways of brightening things up on your deck without taking away from the setting. By adding the right amount of lighting, you can easily make your deck the get-together spot for fun late nights.

6. Adding a Roof Will Keep Your Family Protected

If your current deck is lacking a roof, consider adding one. A great roof keeps you safe from the elements. You’ll be able to spend time outside whether there’s rain or shine and feel great about your newest addition.

Adding a roof to your deck is a big decision. With the many styles, you can choose from, keep an open mind. You’ll want a roof that not only coincides with your deck but is sturdy enough to offer years of use against the weather.

7. Don’t Forget to Add the Flowers

Planters and colorful flowers can bring life back to any deck. If you’ve upgraded your deck to add railings, this is much easier to accomplish.

Certain types of planters can sit easily on railings. With a touch of paint, you can turn these planters into a vision of your own making. Larger planters can be placed around your deck to give you extra space for more plants.

When choosing the right plants for your planter, keep your mind open. Plants can be used to keep mosquitoes at bay or offer fresh scents. Adding these to your deck may be a great way to get the most out of your time outdoors.

8. Lattice and Fencing Keeps Things Private

If you want to keep your time on your deck private, a little lattice or fencing is the way to go. Deck skirting ideas can give your deck the design upgrade you need to make your deck really “pop”!

Lattice can be used to block others views while still offering ways to add extra decoration space. Winding vines or tapestry throughout can offer your deck a touch of class.

Simple privacy fencing allows you to spend time outdoors without worries of neighbors or passersby interrupting. If you want to keep the world at bay, fencing is the way to go.

9. The Right Decorations Go a Long Way

After you’ve done all the necessary work to get your deck upgraded the way you want it, then it’s time to decorate. Whether you want a rustic look or a classic outdoorsy feel, choosing the best decorations for your deck can be fun and exciting.

By visiting your favorite department store or online shop, you can start the process of decorating your deck. Choose matching tables, chairs, and rugs if you want to add them. The rest will fall into place when you get started.

10. Make the Most of Your Space

If you have a raised deck, you can utilize more space than you realize. By adding little extras to both the upper and lower sides of your deck, you can let your imagination run wild.

If you prefer not to decorate the bottom part of your deck, using it for storage is your next best bet. You can easily store your seasonal items without worries of things being lost or in the way.

11. Don’t Fear a Deck Replacement

If you’ve tried to get your deck upgrade off the ground and things aren’t working out, then perhaps it’s time for a deck replacement.

When thinking about a deck upgrade, the idea of a full replacement doesn’t have to be scary. By working with the right professionals, you can easily get your updated deck and start enjoying it immediately. From narrow and wide deck boards to colors, there are many customization options. Whether you need help deciding on material or brands like Trex and TimberTech, we can help!

Finding the Right Team for the Job

If you’re considering a deck upgrade, choosing the right team for the job is imperative. Our team of deck experts are on standby to help you realize the deck design of your dreams. Contact us today for your free estimate!

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Is it time to give your old deck some new life? Get inspired with these 11 simple and effective deck upgrade ideas that are sure to impress.
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